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Saturday, July 22, 2023 CIBA Summer Field Day
Don't Miss Out on This Learning Opportunity!

Andy Josephs Apiary.jpg

Join us for CIBA’s 2023 July Field Day! Don Moody and his program committee are buzzed with excitement to be able to welcome you back to our organization's field day!  Join us on Saturday, July 22nd, for a CIBA Summer Field Day!  

Picture to the left is CIBA's 2021 Field Day at one Andy Joseph's apiaries near Ames, Iowa!

The day includes a morning of hands-on, up-close-and-personal outdoor stations on hive inspections (for both beginners and advanced beekeepers), making splits and processing bees wax. The stations will be led by expert beekeepers Curt Bronnenburg, Spring Valley Honey, Perry; Pat and Peggy Ennis, P&P Honey, Goodell; and Eric Kenoyer, Kenoyer Farms, Van Meter. The afternoon features two presentations by Becky Masterman in the air-conditioned comfort of the main arboretum building. She will talk about the biology behind key management steps that impact honey production and biology-based beekeeping tips and tricks for new and experienced beekeepers.


This event is open to anyone so bring a friend! You do not need to pre-register and CIBA will provide lunch and break refreshments. Wear your bee suit and be ready to have fun! Proceeds from CIBA’s successful Winter Seminar are being used to defray costs. This is a great opportunity to join CIBA for half price and become part of a worthwhile organization!

Event Details


Saturday, July 22, 2023



8:30 AM to 3:00 PM



Iowa Arboretum & Gardens

1875 Peach Avenue

Madrid, Iowa 




 8:30 – 9:00 AM  (in the lobby of the Hughes Education Center, Iowa Arboretum)


Morning session

 9:00 – 9:10 AM  Welcome and organization  Jamie Beyer, CIBA President (in the Hughes Education Center meeting room)


Field Day Demonstrations and Learning Sessions (in various locations on the Arb grounds)


9:10 – 10:00 AM  First rotation

10:10 – 11:00 AM  Second rotation

11:10 – noon  Third rotation



1.  Hands-on in the Hive

Curt Bronnenberg, Spring Valley Honey Farms & Beekeeping Supplies, Perry, IA

Eric Kenoyer, Kenoyer Farms, Van Meter, IA

Dr. Becky Masterman, MN.


2.  Splitting Hives

Pat Ennis, P&P Honey and Bee Supply, Goodell, IA


3.  Processing your Beeswax

Peggy Ennis, P&P Honey and Bee Supply, Goodell, IA


 Noon – 1:00 PM  Lunch on site, provided by CIBA (in the Hughes Education Center)


Afternoon session  Jamie Beyer, moderator (in the Hughes Education Center meeting room)


1:00 – 1:05 PM  Speaker introduction

1:05 – 2:00 PM  Dr. Becky Masterman

Honey Production, History and Habitat:

Honey production is a complex choreography between bees, beekeepers, flowers and weather.  If you miss a step or your timing is off, your bumper honey crop might have to wait another year.  Join Becky Masterman for a deep dive into honey production including habitat, the biology behind key management steps that impact your crop, and a little honey production history. 


2:00 – 2:10 PM  Break


2:10 – 3:00 PM  Dr. Becky Masterman

Minding Your Bees and Cues:

Tune into your bees’ cues and improve your beekeeping skills and success.  Becky Masterman will share biology-based beekeeping tips and tricks for new and experienced beekeepers.  From pheromones to polyethism, tuning into honey bee behavior will make you a better beekeeper.


3:00 – 3:10 PM  Wrap up Jamie Beyer

Speaker/Presenter Bios












Becky Masterman

Becky Masterman’s enthusiasm for honey bees began during an undergraduate entomology class visit to Dr. Basil Furgala’s University of Minnesota Bee Lab apiary.In 1992, shortly after her first hive visit, she was lucky to be hired as an undergraduate technician by the new UMN Bee Lab leader, Dr. Marla Spivak. Becky went on to study the neuroethology of honey bee hygienic behavior under Dr. Spivak’s direction and obtained a PhD in 2000. After a career in real estate, Becky returned to the Bee Lab in 2012 and led the Bee Squad program from 2013- 2019.Now she manages her own apiaries and co-writes the monthly Minding Your Bees and Cues article for Bee Culture magazine.

Pat and Peggy Ennis

Pat and Peggy Ennis work over 500 hives in north central Iowa. Pat is a long-time beekeeper, initially starting with bees in Wisconsin, and working commercial bees in Hawaii and Iowa. Peggy is experienced in many facets of turning products of the hive into saleable items--winning several blue ribbons at the Iowa State Fair. Pat is a former Iowa Honey Producers Association president and for many years has taught a beginning beekeepers class in the Mason City area. P&P Honey sells package bees, nucs, queens, honey and beekeeping supplies, including hive equipment of their own design and manufacture.

Curt Bronnenburg
Curt Bronnenberg.jpg

Curt Bronnenburg is a second-generation beekeeper and has been involved in beekeeping his entire life. Spring Valley Honey Farms is a family business, owned and operated by Curt and his wife Connie in Perry for more than 32 years. Currently, they manage about 4,000 colonies and market more than 140,000 pounds of honey annually. Their bees pollinate Iowa orchards in the summer and California almond groves during the cold Iowa winters. Their daughters, Christa, Chelsa, Cara and Ciera, help with bottling the honey and making hand-made bath and beauty products from honey and beeswax.

Eric Kenoyer 

Eric Kenoyer and his wife Keri live in Van Meter where they manage Kenoyer Farms. Eric is District 5 director for the Iowa Honey Producers Association and editor of that group’s web site. He is former tire building at the Firestone plant in Des Moines and went to the School of Hard Knocks with a master’s in Common Sense.

Things to Remember to Bring!

  1. Protective bee gear to your liking, as we will be working with bee hives, and you will have opportunity for hand's on experience!

  2. Water/beverages/water bottles for taking outside to the station

  3. Sunscreen, hats, for sun protection, as needed.

  4. No need to bring lunch or snacks!  CIBA will be providing both! 

Contact Us

If you have questions, contact:

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