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CIBA Membership

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What Do I Get?

Engagement, Fellowship and Growth Through Club Meetings

  • Programs and speakers that provide education and advance the art of beekeeping

  • Opportunities for fellowship with people that share your same interests

  • Networking with established hobbyist and commercial beekeepers

  • Stay well-informed with federal, state and local statutes and legislation

  • Stay up-to-date with Iowa Honey Producer Association happenings

  • Field day provides hand's on experience

BEELINE Newsletter

  • Keeps club members up-to-date with club happenings

  • News from our state apiarist, Andy Joseph

  • Provides educational and informative articles

  • FAQ's from a 30+ year beekeeping veteran

  • Special Edition for new beekeepers in January each year

  • Yearly membership directory - get to know the beekeepers in your area

  • Opportunity to advertise beekeeping equipment for sale or buying needs with readers that will truly appreciate your treasures or can really help you with your beekeeping equipment needs!!  See CIBAlist page for more details.  


  • Programs that promote the beekeeping industry

  • Speakers that specialize in bee/beekeeping research; noted authors of beekeeping 'how'to's'

  • Opportunity to engage with beekeepers across the state of Iowa

And There's More!

  • Club promotes mentoring for new beekeepers

  • Months when a BEELINE is not published, our president sends out a CIBA Newscast via email.  

  • Yearly beekeeping equipment auction

  • Honey Queen / Ambassador program​

  • Organizational website providing resources for our club members

  • Bee Bits, beekeeping tips and tricks, sent by our President, Jamie Beyer, via email mid-month.  

What Do I Get?

Join Today!

Basic Membership Information

  • Membership dues run on a yearly calendar schedule of January 1st through December 31st. 

  • Dues are payable at the beginning of each new calendar year. 

  • Dues are based on a single or family membership:

    • $15 for a single membership​, emailed notifications

    • $20 for a single membership, USPS mailed and emailed notifications

    • $20 for a family membership, emailed notifications

    • $25 for a family membership, USPS mailed and emailed notifications

  • If submitting payment with a check, make checks payable to CIBA.

  • The form has more information on choosing electronic delivery or USPS delivery of the newsletter and club communications.  While we encourage electronic delivery because it not only saves the club money, but also environmentally sustainable, you need to make a delivery option that serves your needs.

  • The form provides information regarding an annual membership directory - please ensure to complete that section of the form.  

Join Today!

Membership Form

You can choose!  The membership form links are below.

OPTION 1:  Download the OPTION 1 form below,  complete the eform, and either:

OPTION 2:  Download the OPTION 2 form below, print, handwrite to complete, and either:

  • Mail in with a check (mailing address is on the form) , or

  • Mail in the completed form and pay through one of the Paypal options below (dependent on your membership type selection), under the section PAY FOR CIBA MEMBERSHIP DUES THROUGH PAYPAL.. 

Membership Form
PAYPAL: Dues Payment



Our Treasurer needs to know if your membership information is still accurate.  Your membership will be pended until we receive notification from you.

You can relay this information 3 different ways:

  1.  Send an email providing information to Linn Wilbur,  Treasurer,  at 

    • You can copy and paste the needed information in bullet #3 below, and send via email.  ​

  2.  Send back the updated form you received via USPS with changes provided

  3.  Copy and paste the following into the PAYPAL commentary field, and provide the necessary information - if nothing has changed, state NO UPDATE:

    1.  Personal Information update:

    2.  # of urban colonies:

    3.  # of rural colonies:

    4.  # of beeyards:

    5.  How many years in beekeeping

    6.  Can we include you in our annual MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY (YES/NO)?:  


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CIBA is an organization of beekeepers - novice to advanced.  We are one of the oldest beekeeping clubs in Iowa, promoting honeybees since 1947.  Our mission is two-fold; to advance the art of beekeeping and honey production, and to promote close coordination, cooperation and fellowship amongst members of the organization.  Your donation gives us the ability to meet our club's mission, which includes educational opportunities and resources to beekeepers at every stage of his/her journey.   

You can choose to donate to CIBA, either to the general CIBA program fund, which assists with our beekeeping educational and resource mission, or to the CIBA royalty program, which supports our Queen/Ambassador program.  Click
HERE to learn more about our Queen/Ambassador program.  

Use the Donate button below to send CIBA a donation through Paypal!  We thank you for your consideration.  

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PAYPAL: Donate to CIBA
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