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You’ve heard of Craigslist, the website that provides classified advertisements with sections devoted to items for sale and items wanted; we are reminding you of a similar option with our CIBAlist.  This option to 'advertise' in our BEELINE provides the same service for our CIBA beekeepers.  The CIBAlist advantage is you are getting your items for sale, or your buying needs, in front of folks that will truly appreciate your treasures or can really help you with your beekeeping equipment needs!! 


If you have something beekeeping-related to sell, or are looking to purchase a specific beekeeping-related item, you can email The Beeline editor, Laura Miller, at  


Here are the guidelines: 

CIBA members can place 2 free ads per calendar year for beekeeping-related items. 

·        Ads are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

·        Ads MUST be submitted by the BEELINE submission deadline

o   The deadline is found on the first page of the BEELINE. 

·        Ads are limited to 4 lines including the title. 

·        CIBA is not responsible for errors or misprints.  All ads are subject to board acceptability; the Board reserves the right to decline ads based on content and/or space availability. 

o   At this time, we are not accepting non-member ads or paid ads--but may consider those in the future.

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