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CIBA Bee Yard

In 2017, members voted to set up a bee yard.  We wanted to have an apiary of 2-10 hives, with various hive designs such as a top bar hive or a flow hive. We would use them for demonstrations, providing educational opportunities for not only our members but also the public.  Volunteers would care for the colonies.


The bee yard would be open on a set schedule possibly the first Saturday of every month from Noon to 2p.m.  a It would depend on availability of our volunteers.  


This project has been on hold until CIBA can obtain liability insurance, which is required because it would be open to the public.  To be able to obtain affordable liability insurance, CIBA needs to be a non-profit organization.  We are now officially an incorporated organization, and have our new by-laws written.  The next step is to apply for non-profit status, a rather time-laden effort.   


Club fundraisers will provide the necessary monies to establish and maintain our bee yard.  Read more about our fundraisers here!  Please know that membership dues make educational opportunities available for all beekeepers, and build awareness about beekeeping.  Join CIBA here.  

Get Involved

If you want to get involved, or contribute to this effort, contact our bee yard committee chairman, Jerimiah Kusel.  


Telephone:  (515) 447-3203

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