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Beekeeping organizations


Registering your beehives

A 2009 Iowa law is designed to protect honeybees from off-target pesticide applications by setting up a statewide, annual registry of all apiaries in Iowa, both commercial and hobby beekeepers.

The nonprofit company FieldWatch partners with the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) to register apiaries via its BeeCheck program or DriftWatch, its sensitive crops program. Honey producers can register hives through either program, and registration is free.



Bee laws



Honeybee research/educational resources


 Celebrating honeybees


Advocacy groups



Great recipes



General information about bees

Popular beekeeping magazines

Beekeeping equipment

Beekeeping ORG
Registering Hives
Bee Laws
Research Education
Celebrating Bees
Advocacy Groups
Bee General
Beekeeping Equipment
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