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Queen and Ambassador's Corner

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Learn more about CIBA's Queen/Ambassador Program

Are you perhaps looking to read more about CIBA's Queen and Ambassador program, and consider applying for the role for our 2023 season?  Read more about this diverse opportunity offering the development of skills including presentation, public relations and leadership skills during a year of reign here.  

Present to Your Group

Engagement for Your Group!

If you are interested in having our Queen or Princess present to your group, you can reach out to our Queen/Ambassador program chair, use the following means to work with our organization:

2023 Royalty!

2023 CIBA Queen and Princess!


Bethany Kelly Provided Picture.jpg

Bethany Kelly is the daughter of Sean Kelly and the late Susan Kelly. Bethany lives in Des Monies, Iowa. Bethany is blessed with nine siblings. Bethany began beekeeping when her sister, Abigail, won the 2018 youth scholarship. Bethany enjoys keeping bees and learning more about them, but her favorite thing to learn about is Honey. Bethany has become fascinated by the use of Medical grade honey and strives to learn more about it.


Bethany graduated from high school in the spring of 2022. Bethany is looking forward to starting her college education in the Veterinary Technician program at DMACC in the fall of 2023 or 2024.


Bethany enjoys being outside and being around animals as well as playing sports. She also enjoys scrapbooking and other crafts. Bethany stays active in her church, making coffee and assistant teaching Sunday School.


Hello my name is Leah Casey, and the 2023 Central Iowa Honey Bee Princess ! I am very excited to have this opportunity and I can’t wait to spread my love of honey bees!


When it comes to beekeeping I am pretty new to it! I do love to work with a lot of beeswax to make products like soaps, lip balms and candles! I also love to incorporate honey with my cooking and baking at home! I am really looking forward to learning more about honey bees and beekeeping with CIBA! 


I do a lot when it comes to hobbies and I have tons of passions ! I love to do art, crochet, cook , being outdoors, fashion , and animals! I participate in school and outside activities like cheerleading , young feminist club, environmental club, art club, best buddies, 4-H , FFA, and Polk County Council!

2022 CIBA Queen!

2022 CIBA Queen!

Olivia Moody

Olivia 2.2022.jpeg

Olivia Moody is the daughter of Lisa and Don Moody who live in Collins, Iowa. Olivia has two older sisters Chelsey who lives in Long Pine, Nebraska, and Sarah who lives in Des Moines, Iowa. When her father started working for an insurance company that provided hive coverage he decided that beekeeping could be a fun hobby for him and his daughter. With this occurring in May 2020, beekeeping became a way that Olivia and her father could keep themselves busy. Olivia quickly became fascinated with the behaviors of bees and became sort of a beehive tour guide for her friends and family. Her family started out with four hives and grew up to nine within a year. Caring for nine hives proved to be a challenge and unfortunately, she lost most, if not all of her hives in the winter of 2022. Olivia is looking forward to getting back into the game this spring when her new hives arrive. Outside of beekeeping, Olivia is active in FFA, student council, her environmental club, and speech. She also enjoys raising cattle and woodworking at her small hobby farm. Olivia will be graduating from North Polk in May of 2023 and plans on going to college for journalism and environmental studies. 

Queen and Ambassador Happenings 2021!

Royal Happenigs 2021

Scout Field Day - Briggs Woods

Jason and Ellie assisted the scout master with the teaching of young scouts on the importance of honey bees and pollinators. Once they went over the basics, the entire group cut open native bee eggs and released them with the scouts! Every participant thoroughly enjoyed the event! It was the perfect day to teach enthusiastic scouts about why we need to save the bees. 

Teaching Young Bee Ambassadors!

Jason and Ellie work with a group of preschoolers!  View the pictures below - the are presenting various beekeeping equipment and demonstrate how to wear protective gear. The first photo is the whole class!

2021 Queen & Ambassador

2021 Queen and Ambassador

Ellie Nusbaum

Ellie 2021.jpg

Ellie Nusbaum is the daughter of Michael and Amber Nusbaum and lives in Nevada, Iowa. She has two wonderful brothers who are also involved in beekeeping. When Ellie's older brother was a recipient of the IHPA Youth Scholarship they had a hive at their home which sparked her interest in beekeeping. Ellie's family continued to keep bees and when she was in high school found the Ames High Bee Club. Through her connections with the IHPA Ellie applied for a grant that allowed the club to have two of their own hives. Through Bee Club, Ellie has loved teaching her friends about beekeeping and the honeybee. Outside of beekeeping, Ellie enjoys volunteering for Food at First, tutoring elementary students, having church youth group, and golfing. Ellie will be graduating May of 2022 and plans to attend a university majoring in Biology with a minor in Spanish to pursue a career in medicine. 

Jason Vernon


Jason Vernon is the son of Mike and Susan Vernon and lives in Ames, Iowa. Jason’s interest in beekeeping started when he was young when he saw his grandfather beekeeping. His interest grew recently when he joined the Ames High Bee Club. Jason has loved to care for the hives that the bee club has, teach his friends about honeybees and share the magic of beekeeping with them. Outside of beekeeping, Jason is involved in his church youth group, theater, and dance. He especially enjoys helping in elementary classes in theater and at his dance studio. Jason will be graduating from Ames High in May 2022 and he plans to attend college to pursue a degree in performing arts.

2019 CIBA Queen

2019 Queen Abigail

Abigail Kelly

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