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State Apiarist

Iowa has been fortunate to have its own State Apiarist since 1911. This position, currently held by Andy Joseph, is within the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.


Among the responsibilities outlined for the State Apiarist:

  1. Register and inspect apiaries including bees and comb transported over state lines,

  2. Perform diagnostic testing for disease and mite retreatment resistances, and

  3. Public outreach, including lectures and demonstrations about honey production and beekeeping in Iowa.


The State Apiarist office is located on the DMACC campus in Ankeny.


The State Apiarist also oversees several part-time assistants who help with inspections and educate beekeepers about the introduction and spread of apiary diseases and pests. All types of beekeepers – even those with only one colony -- can request a free inspection of their hives.

Contact State Apiarist

State Apiarist Andy Joseph


Phone: 515.326.5765


Iowa Laboratory Facility

2230 South Ankeny Blvd.

Ankeny, IA 50023



Contact Apiary Inspector

Name:  Arvin Foell


Phone:  515.330.6716

Extension Bee Specialist

Iowa State University also has an extension specialist devoted to working with Iowa beekeepers, Randall P. Cass. An entomologist, Cass joined Iowa State in 2018 to develop educational materials for beekeepers, including how-to videos and fact sheets, and materials to inform the general public about issues related to honeybees and native Iowa pollinators. Cass also is a member of the Iowa Pollinator Conservation Working Group that is studying ways to protect pollinators in agricultural landscapes.

Contact ISU Extension Bee Specialist

ISU Extension Bee Specialist Randall P. Cass


Phone: 515.294.2507


2011 Advanced Teaching and Research Building

2213 Pammel Drive

Ames IA   50011-1025


Beekeeping Extension videos

State Apiarist
Contact State Apiarist
Contact Inspector
Contact ISU Extension
ISU Extension
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