Iowa Honey Bee Day

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The Event!

On March 17, 2018, the Iowa Honey Producers Association conducted its first Iowa Honey Bee Day at the Iowa State Capitol to celebrate the importance of honey bees in the state.  The 2018 event was a success and we have had the opportunity to continue it in 2019 and  2020.

The Association hosts a legislative reception in a Senate meeting room on the first floor of the Capitol.  Various breakfast items are served including the group’s famous State Fair Lemonade.

The reception is accompanied by an Iowa Honey Bee Day Proclamation signed by the Governor each year. The proclamation highlights the importance of honey bees to Iowa agriculture and the environment. It also emphasizes the role humans play in protecting honey bees from diseases and pests.  Honey products donated from producers across the state are given the Governor at the signing ceremony prior to the actual Iowa Honey Bee Day.

We have encouraged Iowa city and county governments to also sign proclamations about Iowa Honey Bee Day. Since 2017, more than 41 city and county governments have approved such proclamations.

We also encourage beekeepers from across the state to attend the legislative reception on the day of the event. It’s a time to meet their legislators and “talk bees.” Some members bring posters and other information to share. No one knows better the importance of honey bees and the many challenges faced by beekeepers in the state.

We consider this event an opportunity to showcase our honey bees.  We feel that this event has helped us make an impact in the Iowa Legislature.

We hope we can continue this celebration to recognize of the essential role that the honey bee plays in our environment and in agriculture.  However, the pandemic may affect the 2021 Iowa Honey Bee Day. Please watch for updates once the Iowa Legislature convenes in January 2021.. Contact Jamie Beyer if you want to help.

IHBD Organizers 

Jamie Beyer, CIBA president, serves as a volunteer lobbyist / legislative representative for the Iowa Honey Producers Association.  He works with the Association’s lobbyist and serves as a liaison between beekeepers and legislators.  Linn Wilbur, CIBA Vice President, also was a volunteer lobbyist until 2019.  

Jamie and Linn originated the concept of the Iowa Honey Bee Day to showcase the value of our honey bees to the Iowa Legislators.  



Governor Reynolds signs IHBD Proclamation


Jamie Beyer


Telephone:  (515) 231-0215