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November Face-to-Face Meeting
November 19, 2022, 1:00 PM

Reserve this date - we hope you will join us!  You do not need to be a CIBA member to attend, but we hope this meeting will entice you to join our organization!

COVID-19 Recommendations

You are welcome to wear a mask, since this meeting will be indoors.  


Northridge Baptist Church, 3700 6th Avenue, Des Moines


NOTE: Park in the lot on Clinton Avenue but enter the building by the door near the alley (not Clinton Avenue), where there is a wheelchair ramp.  Picture below to assist in identifying the church entrance:





  • Business meeting starts at 1:00 PM

  • After the business meeting, ISU bee specialist Randall Cass will present the program on dealing with insects you don’t want in your hives.

    • We might worry about varroa mites wiping out a bee colony, but other types of infestations can be just as devastating. Wax moths destroy precious comb frame by frame, and small hive beetle larvae with their voracious appetites can “slime out” an entire hive. There are precautions that beekeepers can take, which will be the topic of Randall’s presentation.  Randall Cass joined Iowa State University (ISU) in 2017 as the institution’s first.

  • Be sure to this meeting on your calendar. We provide plenty of time at our events to meet other beekeepers, visit and “talk all things bees.” And, like any other CIBA meeting, you can expect to find a lot of great food.

Randall Cass

Northridge church entrance CIBA meeting.jpg

Iowa State University has an extension specialist devoted to working with Iowa beekeepers, Randall P. Cass. An entomologist, Cass joined Iowa State in 2018 to develop educational materials for beekeepers, including how-to videos and fact sheets, and materials to inform the general public about issues related to honeybees and native Iowa pollinators. Cass also is a member of the Iowa Pollinator Conservation Working Group that is studying ways to protect pollinators in agricultural landscapes.

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