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April 10th - April 17th

CIBA Online Auction

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April 24th, 2021; 10:00 AM

North Iowa Beekeepers’ Club Auction

Saturday, April 24th, 10:00 AM

Location:  Goodell, Iowa

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May 15th, 2021

CIBA Virtual May Meeting

Saturday, May 15th


Rev. Grant Gillard

It's all about honeycomb!!

CIBA has been promoting beekeeping and honey bees since 1947!


With over 100 members, CIBA serves beekeepers no matter the stage of their beekeeping journey - embarking on this adventure, enjoying the craft for decades or gaining livelihood as a commercial beekeeper. 


We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our group and the services we provide members and the community, and revel in the remarkable world of the honey bee!


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Renew Your 2021 CIBA Membership Now!

Hard to believe, but 2021 is here, and CIBA membership runs on a calendar year, January 1 - December 31.  Your membership dues are the means in which the club pays for educational opportunities, such as the recent Winter Seminar we just hosted whereby we had over 235 beekeepers in attendance!  So please don't wait; the club needs your support to continue our mission!

  • As a reminder, you must be a current member to participate in the election of officers and directors at our March meeting. 

  • Download a membership form to renew your membership today!  Go to the Download Form section, using the button below!

CIBA Needs You!  Step Up...

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others...   Mahatma Gandhi

STEP UP:  Come forward for a particular purpose.

CIBA is an organization run by and for the benefit of its members.  All the officers and directors serve as volunteers without any compensation.  The quality of the association, its organization and the programs are only as good as the level of dedication of our volunteers.

There are many ways to volunteer to help for CIBA.  Don’t think your help isn’t needed because you aren’t a master beekeeper.  There are many skills needed to keep CIBA running and multiple roles in which you can assist the association.  These range from organizing, feeding people (at least in normal years), supporting our youth program, writing for the BEELINE, presenting, volunteering to help at the Winter Seminar or the Annual Auction, just to name a few.

Resource Recommendations!

So You Want to Be a Beekeeper!

Guidance on steps to embark on your beekeeping venture, including upcoming classes

Beeline Newsletter

Our current newsletter, THE BEELINE, plus a blast from the past...

Margaret's FAQ's

A long-time beekeeper provides beekeeping guidance via years of FAQ's...

Lessons from John Johnson

John Johnson has mentored many beekeepers - read on  various beekeeping subjects...


Looking for More Beekeepers!

Ready to Join CIBA?  

You certainly don't want to miss our next field day!  Pictured is our 2018 field day at Spring Valley Honey Farms near Perry, Iowa.  Kurt Bronnenberg, our host at this field day, is a commercial beekeeper and has been managing bees for 32+ years.  This is just a sampling of the club offerings!

Membership dues fund our website, provide educational opportunities afforded all beekeepers through this site, meetings, field days and winter seminars as well as various community services.  To continue the support that we provide beekeepers, we need YOUR SUPPORT! CIBA pays speakers that we enlist at our meetings and seminars for presentations and expenses!

Make a beeline to join, as there is much in store for you in 2021! 

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