Saturday, July 17, 2021 CIBA Summer Field Day
Don't Miss Out on This Learning Opportunity!

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Join us for CIBA’s 2021 July Field Day!  Jeremiah Kusel and his program committee are buzzed with excitement to be able to welcome you back to our first in-person event in over a year and a half!  Join us on Saturday, July 17th, for a CIBA Summer Field Day!  

Picture to the left is CIBA's 2017 Field Day at Spring Valley Farms in Perry!

In this interactive event, we will follow Andy Joseph, Iowa State Apiarist and bee inspector par excellence, as he evaluates and explains what he looks for during a complete and thorough apiary overview.  In addition, all beekeepers have at least one hive in their apiary that is not doing as well as the others.  Why!!??  Andy will also take a bit of time to evaluate these hives.  It may be queenless or it just may have swarmed or whatever.  Andy may not actually know why -- it could be just a smaller hive.


Looking to learn more about what to do or not do when establishing an apiary?  Success involves more than just the hive itself.  New to beekeeping and want to see what’s involved?  Regardless of your experience, you’ll be glad you joined us!


We will travel to 5 local apiaries and join Andy as he critiques, evaluates and inspects everything involved in a well-rounded apiary.  Hear about what works and learn suggestions for what could be improved upon when it comes to location, hive placement and more.

Event Details


Saturday, July 17, 2021



9 AM - 3 PM



  • Meeting point and lunch stop at Crestbruck Park Shelter in Ankeny, located at 1001 NE Crestmoor Place. 

  • We will travel to 5 apiaries nearby

    • Apiary locations are still being determined.  If you’d like to submit your apiary as one of the possible selections see note below.  



  • 9 AM

    • Depart Crestbruck shelter for our first apiary stop. 

  • 12 noon

    • Return to Crestbruck Park Shelter and have outdoor lunch together. 

    • Please remember to pack your own bagged lunch for the day.

    • CIBA will provide some light prepackaged snacks and some coolers filled with beverages.

  • 1 PM

    • Depart for our next apiary visit(s) 

  • 3 PM

    • Wrap up​


Things to Remember to Bring!

1)    Lunch for yourself

  • Drinks, dessert and some snacks provided during lunch by CIBA

2)    Protective bee gear to your liking, as Andy will be opening up hives during the tour

3)    Water/beverages for during the tours

4)    Sunscreen, hats, for sun protection, as needed.  

Share Your Apiary!

Do you have an apiary near Crestbruck Park Shelter?  Let us know!  If you are interested in your apiary being one of the chosen apiaries for the day--we’d love to hear from you! 

Send us a message on CIBA’s Facebook page or call CIBA Vice President, Jeremiah, at (515) 447-3203.

COVID-19 Recommendations

We want to render certain that all of our field-day participants are safe.  With the recent uptick in Iowa cases and the prevalence of the Delta variant in Iowa we all need to keep aware of and take appropriate precautions to protect all of us.  CIBA leadership has taken precautions through careful planning of this event, but you play a significant role in ensuring all attendees, including you, are safe:

  • The entire event will be outdoors.

  • We will be following CDC outside recommendations.

  • Please do not attend if you feel unwell or have recent contact with a known or suspected COVID positive individual.

  • Feel free to wear a mask regardless of your vaccination status whenever you deem it appropriate or CDC recommends.  This is on the honor system; we will not be asking your vaccination status.

  • Keep adequate social distancing in mind as we gather.

  • All of CIBA provided food items will be in individual servings and protected.

  • There will be hand sanitizer available and extra masks if you need one.

Contact Us

If you have questions, contact:

  • Jeremiah Kusel, CIBA Vice President

  • Call:  (515) 447-3203

  • Message:  Jeremiah on CIBA's Facebook page